Monday, 16 February 2015

Why Vintage Wins on a Night Out!

Why vintage wins every time on a big night out!

It's the big night out. Seriously, you've been looking forward to this one for months. High streets and web trawled, you've found the perfect dress and heels. You want to stand out but not look too 'try hard'. Glad rags on, you don't want to blow your own trumpet but you look pretty hot!

A couple of hours in and that awful dread feeling creeps over you. You've spotted two different girls in the same high street number. Feeling completely bummed out, you grab another prosecco and spend the night avoiding your dress twins. Night wasted.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love a bit of high street fashion, but it's always wise to broaden your horizons and mix things up with some vintage in your wardrobe. And here's why...

1. No dress twin disasters
The above situation has happened to us all, it's practically unavoidable. But with vintage there is no such risk. You find genuine one-of-a-kind pieces, whose twins are likely long gone or at the other side of the world. You get quite a kick from sharing how it's unattainable anywhere else.
"Oh wow, where DID you get your dress?" "Oh this? It's vintage!" Bam.

2. Guaranteed quality garments
Today's society, and of course fashion, is very much disposable. 'Throw away' dresses that you have every intention of wearing just once. At the risk of sounding like your grandma, it really was better in the old days, at least when it came to clothes. Made to last and often handed down for many years, better quality workmanship with more hand made and less machinery made clothes back then just better. Enjoy superior tailoring, stunning fabrics and attention to detail in your vintage pieces.

3. Experimentation fun
The fun in vintage for many is finding something quirky, maybe in unique prints or unusual fabrics. Check out this gorgeous skinny mod dress in it's bright and quirky graphic print - I just love it!

4. Nostalgia
There's a story in every piece. You may not always know it, but it is a wondrous pastime to conjure up stories. Was your new dress worn in the 1920s by a flapper, or to a wedding in the 1950s? Perhaps an 1980s rock groupie? Who knows!

I wonder what stories this beautiful original 1950's vintage prom dress has to tell? If only it could talk!

So there you have it, vintage wins!

It's an investment and when done correctly, will last you a no more dress twins and more time to enjoy yourself (and soak up all those compliments)!

Bye for now
Emma x

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