Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My Vintage Trend Report S/S 2011 PART 2

Continuing from the success of the last post, here is part two of my Spring/Summer 2011 trend report, (with a zingy vintage twist as usual of course)...

Club Tropicana
Moving on from the general floral trend of last spring/summer, this seasons floral print has got be be bold, brash and tropical! I for one, love this kind of print. We're talking real Hawaiian blooms and palm leaves rather than the traditional daisies and roses. Bright shades, large palms and hula flavours are a must! Look for fitted fifties wiggle dresses, floral vintage pencil skirts, 80s vintage jumpsuits and bright candy printed vintage silk scarves to work the tropical trend. And be brave, don't be afraid to clash colours or prints - go wild in the sunshine! 

If you do want to start off mildy and just tip your toe into the water then a cute tropical cocktail ring, printed camisole or hair accessory is a great place to start

Into the Blue
Admit it, you're at least a tiny bit excited about the forthcoming Royal Wedding, right? On April 29th 2011, youth and glamour will meet with etiquette and tradition as we all watch a little piece of history unfold...

So maybe it's for this reason that we've gotten in the mood for regal royal blue! Deep sapphire toned cocktail dresses, fitted jewel blue jackets, chunky azure heels and floaty cornflour pussybow blouses – this stunning and expensive looking colour that can work brilliantly for all skin tones. 

Shopping vintage for deep blue is easy, remember to have a good look through all eras as there are gems to be found from the flirty fifties, beatnik sixties, bohemian seventies and electric eighties!

You can also mix and match this colour in many different ways. An evening dress is great with either gold or silver metallics or during the day team with white, black or red for a striking look!

So there we have it, some more great ideas for your summer wardrobe. And as always, if you ever need any guidance or advice with your shopping at My Vintage, drop us a line as we are always happy to help.

Until next time! x