Friday, 13 September 2013

Metallic Trend 2013 the My Vintage Way!

Metallics are big news right now but fear not! This super shiny trend isn't as scary as it might sound...

The key word when it comes to wearing metallic is subtle.

Unless your name is Jessie J, who has got to be one of the only people to carry off this head to toe metallic look...

We have scoured the virtual rails at and found some fabulous metallic vintage pieces that are a great way to inject this trend into your A/W wardrobe whilst keeping that all important unique twist.

1980s Vintage Metallic Strand Evening Gown
1980s Vintage Blue Metallic Scarf
1950s Vintage Metallic 2 Piece Suit
1980s Vintage Metallic Skirt
1980s Vintage Gold Metallic Blouse

Add these to more neutral toned down pieces to create a gorgeous look that is right on trend but still individual and totally unique to you.

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Bye for now!
Em x