Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Vintage Gift Boxes - New Styles Added for Mother's Day

Vintage Gift Boxes - New Styles Added for Mother's Day

Buying gifts can be tricky... in an ideal world you want something for your loved one that is truly special, original, high quality and beautiful but doesn't cost the earth. It may sound inpossible but we have the perfect thing for any lady in your life... a stunning vintage gift box.

Our vintage gift boxes have been tastefully themed and feature beautiful original vintage pieces such as vintage scarves, vintage handbags, vintage purses, vintage jewellery, vintage homewares, vintage china, vintage collectibles and more...

Not only do we collate and coordinate these gorgeous gift items, we also wrap them elegantly so they are ready to give straight to the lucky recipient! You can even have your vintage gift box delivered straight to their address if you prefer!

These vintage gift boxes are not only special and unusual, but as each piece is vintage and has been brough together by us, each box is literally one of a kind - a gift that NO-ONE else in the world will have!

And if that sounds expensive to you then you're wrong! Our vintage gift boxes start from as little as £12 and go up to around £60 for some of the deluxe versions.

March 18th 2012 is Mother's Day and this would be a perfect gift for your mum, grandmother, wife, girlfriend, sister, best mate or auntie - and you can order up until 12noon on Thursday 15th March to guarantee the vintage gift box is with you on time!

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on our beautiful vintage gift boxes, and hear your stories about the reactions you got when you gave one to that special someone!

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Happy gift shopping!