Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Disco Fever - 70s Vintage Glamour

It was in the New York nightclubs of the 1970s where disco began to take hold. Dance music was electronically enhanced with pounding catchy beats and layered orchestral sounds, and the urge to dance was just too strong to give into!

With this musical craze came a real shift in evening fashion and in 1976, Studio 54 really set the scene. The dancefloor was filled with women wearing shimmering and sparkling fabrics, hot-pants, leggings, leotards and super glam dresses. Hair was big and getting bigger, make-up was bold and glittery. This was the time when a woman really wanted to stand out and be noticed! Favoured colours were electric blue, lilac purple and fuchsia pink and man-made fabrics such as lamé, satin, sequin, polyester and velour were most definitely in vogue.

Whether wearing shiny tiny hot-pants and sequin boob tubes, or long draping dresses with dipped backs; this was a time of showing plenty of flesh, usually enhanced with a little shimmer or glitter of course. Designer such as Halston, Bill Blass, YSL and Chloe were the rulers of the stunning Grecian inspired dresses that fell beautifully from the neckline or strapless top. Sashes made from silk scarves and metallic belts and strappy heeled sandals completed the look for the fashion forward girl about town.

In street style, the disco look incorporated skinny shiny trousers in a rainbow of coloured satins, sequinned tops and lots of ruching. Towards the end of the decade, shoulder began to broaden and shoulder padding was most definitely on trend. Alternative looks for the younger disco crowd included silk shirts worn open over shimmering swimwear and leggings or oversized 'boyfriend' t-shirts sporting Roller Disco motifs. Disco was most certainly the last great look of the 1970s and really encapsulated the thrill seeking glamour of this revolutionary decade of vintage fashion.

I've always loved anything that sparkles and shimmers, so the vintage disco clothing from the 70s is amongst my favourite of the iconic looks we stock at My Vintage. Here are some amazing examples of funky disco chic that look as good today as they did almost 40 years ago!

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