Thursday, 24 April 2014

5 Ways to Wear a Vintage Bodycon Skirt

A vintage bodycon skirt is a must-have wardrobe essential. I'd recommend a black one for ultimate versatility all year round. At My Vintage, we have lots of styles, colours, textures and sizes of vintage bodycon skirts all year round so you are sure to find one that is just right.

They are high quality, flattering for any shape and cost less than £20!

If you're not yet convinced on how much you need one of these stretchy little wonders then here is my top 5 ways to wear one... (thanks to our current work experience girl Abby for her help!)

1. Shopping with Friends.
Styled with pink reworked tie knot top (size 10/12 - £18) and vintage Frank Usher cropped quilted jacket (size 12/14 - £85)

2. Office Chic
Styled with 70s vintage pussybow blouse (size 10 - £16) vintage black satchel bag (£20) retro geek glasses (£5) and vintage Karl Lagerfeld shoes (size 6.5/7 - £75)

3. Girls Night Out
Styled with vintage Frank Usher long sleeved sequin top (size 8/10 - £65) and black patent Shilton handbag (£15)

4. Sunday Stroll
Styled with 60s vintage striped shirt (size 12 - £18) jade green vintage bag (£14) and blue retro sunglasses (£10)

5. Lunch Date
Styled with vintage giraffe print blouse (size 16/18 - £18) black patent croc bag (£18) and round retro sunglasses (£10)

I'm sure you'll agree you need one of these bodycon skirts in your life right now! Visit our vintage shop in Darwen to try a few on, or delve into for the vast online selection...

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

An interview with Fashionseeker - find out more about me!

If you haven't heard of Fashionseeker yet - you will have soon. My Vintage are proud to be a member of this new, innovative and exciting venture, founded by our buddy Paula Fry.

So, what is Fashionseeker? Here's them in their words...

"Fashionseeker is the definitive site for fashion shoppers.

You can search our stock for the latest bargains from all over the UK, whether it be from a vintage store, a dress agency, fashion jewellers or an independent boutique.
You can search our directories for the best places to shop where you live or where you are visiting. There are still a whole lot of stores to go and visit around the country!
We are the ONLY fashion-centric website to list the best Fashion Stylists in the UK.
All at your finger tips…."

Have a nosey at their website and be sure to bookmark it, as they are growing at a rapid speed...

Today I took part in a little interview with them, looking at what I love most about the business and how I got into vintage. If you fancy knowing a little more about me then here goes...


At Fashionseeker, we are a nosey lot and we are very pleased to have nailed down the founder of Vintage shop and Online Boutique, Emma at My Vintage. We needed to know just why she loves vintage fashion and why she is so bonkers in love with what she does!

Tell us why you love vintage fashion and how it became your business of choice.
One of my most vivid childhood memories is from when I used to stay with my Aunt in the school holidays. My mum also had her own business back then so I would go off for fun mini breaks with the family. Aunt Betty was very glamorous - she smelled of pressed powder and lipstick and had the most beautiful bedroom filled with clothes, shoes and costume jewellery that she would happily let me play with for hours. I believe that all that time dressing up in vintage and pretending to be in old movies is where my love of vintage was born. I also remember wearing blue Biba eyeshadow and a vintage brooch to my leavers disco in 1998 - neither were fashionable at the time! Later in life I began buying and selling bits of vintage on eBay and then about 10 years ago I joined forces with my web designing whizzkid boyfriend and was born. Then in 2012 I decided to bring the wonder of My Vintage to my hometown of Darwen and I opened my first shop. From here I run the online business as well so it certainly keeps me busy!

Tell our readers about the ups and the downs of selling and wearing pre-loved fashion.
I always say to my customers that the best and the worst things about vintage are exactly the same - every piece is completely unique. This is amazing when you keep being asked where your gorgeous dress is from and you can very smugly say "oh, it's vintage"  but not so great when you fall in love with something that's 3 sizes too small! Because of this, I am also one of the only UK vintage companies that sell the original pre-worn vintage alongside the brand new retro and reproduction styles. For me they go hand it hand and compliment one another. Whilst I have very high standards, I'm not a vintage purist. With me there are no rules - it's about a woman looking good and feeling even better!
The other major bonus is individuality - I absolutely love that if you're clever you can take on all the high street trends by using vintage pieces, meaning you get to be style savvy but still totally original. This is why I was the first vintage clothing website to introduce trend-lead collections.

Everyone has their own individual style – which three words would sum up yours?
Retro. Quirky. Pretty.

Who are your favourite designers and why? Past and present.
Ooooh, where do I start? Fashion wouldn't be fashion without Chanel so there will always be a special place in my heart for Coco. I am a real lover of British design too and Zandra Rhodes is one of my absolute favourites. The holy grail of vintage for me is of course the combination of Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell and when it comes to my love of the kitsch and quirky, nobody does it quite like Moschino.

Is there one fashion item you would sell a kidney for?
No not one - there are many! I think top of the list would have to be a red vintage Hermés Birkin bag. I also have my eye on the giant Grand Manège Hermés scarf at the moment...

What is your ‘go to’ outfit if you are not feeling on top form?
I am one busy woman, running the business as well as being a Mum, so I do get tired and a bit overwhelmed at times. There are three things that instantly perk me up 1. Lace - whether it's a lace skater dress, lace edged top or blazer, I love them all. 2 - Statement necklace - any colour, any style. If it's big and funky it makes me smile! 3. Red lipstick - after many years of research I have concluded that it is impossible for me to feel anything less than fabulous once I apply my bright red lippy. Instant therapy!

Vintage boutiques are springing up all over our High Streets and online – why do you think they are now so popular?
I think we are all striving to be individual and vintage gives us that chance. I also think modern life is so fast, busy and stressful that harking back to a simpler time is very refreshing and the best form of escapism for the modern woman. Vintage and retro clothing is also so flattering and feminine so it makes us feel good too. A 1950's prom style dress will give a slender athletic girl extra curves as much as it will smooth the curves of a plus size girl like me! I think the thing to be careful of is that you buy from reputable, passionate, knowledgeable sellers like My Vintage. One of my pet hates is the "vintage" label been given to anything second hand and those people who start selling vintage without any real know-how. Be savvy, look carefully and don't be afraid to ask questions.

If you didn’t work in fashion, what would be your dream job?
A teacher. I love children and being a teacher was always something I wanted to do, you never forget a good teacher and I love how rewarding learning can be. It would also mean I could live the dream and set up my own Glee club!
Failing that, I'd happily be professional cake taster... Editor we hear you!!!