Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halloween Makeup Tutorials and Outfit Ideas from My Vintage 2015

I'm pleased to say that most of the cheap, tacky Halloween costumes we've seen regurgitated for decades, have been rapidly losing popularity over the last few years. It excites me greatly to see so many imaginative and unusual dress up ideas emerging and I have to say that watching scary and quirky makeup tutorials on YouTube is most definitely one of my guilty pleasures (that and Ru Paul's Drag Race honey!)

To give you all some fresh inspiration for this year's spooky extravaganza, I've teamed some of my favourite makeup looks from various beauty bloggers and mags, with the perfect outfits straight out of My Vintage.

If you don't find your perfect Halloween get up in this lovely lot, I'll be more shocked than Uncle Fester in the electric chair!

1) Freaky Mermaid Chic
Who doesn't love a mermaid though? But if Ariel is a little tame for your Halloween party then why not try this ridiculously easy way to create shimmering fish scales on your face...

I love this look, so easy, so pretty and so effective! Thanks @KaitlinMekel :)

Now, to complete this unicorn mermaid Katy Perry gorgeousness, here are my top 3 picks from the huge range of stunning vintage and retro clothing at My Vintage...

1950s Vintage Mermaid Sequin Top from My Vintage

1970s Vintage Sequin Evening Maxi Dress from My Vintage

1980s Vintage Monsoon Silk Prom Dress from My Vintage

2. Ventriloquist Dolly
This is ridiculously cute, but also kinda creepy! Here is a really easy but effective tutorial for that crazed living dummy look to start us off...

Thanks a million for that Miranda, aka Slashed Beauty - I love it!

To perfect this look, we need to go for super cutesy and dainty doll so here are the top 3 items I have selected from the My Vintage range...

1950s Vintage St Michael Babydoll Nightie from My Vintage
1950s Style Pink Chiffon Doll Dress from My Vintage

Cute Swallow and Rose Mini Dress from My Vintage

3. Wednesday Addams
I know, I know, it has been done before. But she is just so cute, and this tutorial from the brilliant Alexys (lex) Fleming is brilliant and has some really amazing, but simple to recreate, details...

And when it comes to what to wear, these 3 My Vintage gems are ideal...

1960s Vintage Susan Small Monochrome Dress from My Vintage
Vintage Inspired Monochrome Stripe Blouse from My Vintage
1970s Vintage Monochrome Day Dress from My Vintage

4. Comic Book/Pop Art Lichtenstein Girl
This is oh so effective and is much easier than you might think! You also need minimal product and it can be done with things you already have in your makeup bag! Destiny Godley has created one of my all time favourite tutorials here...

This look is screaming out for bright and kitsch clothing, here are the top 3 I've picked out from My Vintage...

Gorgeous Vintage Gina Bacconi Prom Dress from My Vintage
Vintage 1970s Kitsch Novelty Print Dress
Vintage 1980s Bold Print Shirt Dress from My Vintage
5. Zombie Pin Up Girl
This has got to be my favourite! Who doesn't want to dress up in a pretty dress and petticoat but still look scary for all Hallows Eve?! Maria Escalante has done an awesome half and half makeup look here and boy is she cute!

We have loads of gorgeous pin up dresses to choose from, I've selected 3 that flatter all figures!

50s Style Black Polka Dot Swing Dress from My Vintage
Rockabilly Horror Girl Swing Dress from My Vintage
Stunning Red Siren Wiggle Dress from My Vintage
Oh and just one other thing, I cannot be held responsible for any marriage proposals or indeed indecent proposals you receive when wearing the dress above - we don't call it the disclaimer dress for nothing! #smokin

I hope you loved my choices and if you do try any of them out, don't forget to tweet or Facebook me with your pics!

Over and out
Em x