Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Are you grateful enough?

Gratitude is a powerful thing. I think most of us practice basic gratitude when we receive gifts or when something nice happens, but how many of us can truly say we are grateful enough?

I'm not talking about sending thank you cards after Christmas, I'm talking about sitting back and realising all that we have to be grateful for...

The friend who text to see if you're OK.
The kiss your child gave you this morning.
The warm bed in the warm house you woke up in.
The food on your table.
The parent(s) or grandparent(s) that are still with you.
The smile a stranger gave you on the way to work.
The freedom you have to dress however you like.
The song that makes you smile when it comes on the radio.
The smell of autumn.
The last hug you received.

All these things and thousands more besides. But most importantly, for me, is whatever love you have in your life.

Love is the most powerful force, and no matter who we are, where we're from, what we have or don't have; we can all still love and be loved. And boy am I grateful for that.

I was inspired to write this post today as the very wonderful Karen who writes at, has started a beautiful 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge on Snapchat this month.

The concept is simple; for each and every day in November, you speak about something you are grateful for on your Snapchat story. It can be the same thing every day, or something different each time - it doesn't matter at all! Karen is collating all the entries and adding them into a prize draw at the end of the month so there's also the chance to win goodies. But competitions and giveaways aside, I think this is such a powerful and uplifting challenge to take part in. It's full of love, just like Karen herself.

Don't forget, if you would like to take part then also send your Gratitude Snaps to Karen directly. Her SC username is blissbakery. And I would absolutely love to see them too so please follow me and I will follow you back, even send them to me too if you like :) my SC username is emmab82. You can also see my first two posts on there today and don't worry if you're a little late to starting, just make sure you post enough gratitude snaps to catch up to today's date!

So, here's to a thankful and grateful November. I can't wait to hear all about yours.

Bye for now
Em xx

Thursday, 8 September 2016

A Party Dress with a Difference

It's no secret how much I love Simply Be. For me, they are the brand who have really taken plus size fashion into a whole new dimension of gorgeous.

Not only do their designs absolutely excite me, but I've always found the fit and quality of their garments to be absolutely spot on.

So when I was recently approaching the My Vintage 4th birthday party, I new exactly where I was heading to shop for party dresses!

I am quite picky when it comes to dresses, as I know what suits my shape and being nearly 5ft10, I always need to be wary of length. As you know, I do tend to wear a lot of my swing and skater style dresses with tights or leggings, which is pretty much my signature look. But this time, I really wanted to find something that but different and step out of my comfort zone a little..

When I saw this deep blue maxi dress I fell in love. It was the combination of colour, crinkle fabric and neckline that I loved, as well as the awesome dropped sleeves!

At the bargain price of £45 this was an amazing buy! The cut and quality are amazing and I got so many compliments on the night!

I wore some tan dolly shoes with pointed gold toes, but this would be lovely with some gladiator sandals for holiday evenings...

Hats off to you Simply Be, you saved the day once again!

Until next time
Em xx

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Do You Know How to Accept a Compliment?

When was the last time you received a compliment? Maybe someone commented on a Facebook picture? Or someone stopped you in a bar because they loved your dress or shoes? Maybe you were praised for a work project or piece of writing? Or possibly a member of your family let you know how happy you make them?

Now think about the way in which you reacted to this compliment, If you're reading this post then it is pretty likely that you did one of the following...

1. Answered with another compliment
Complimenter: "Oh wow, you look amazing!"
You: "So do you!"

2. Changed the subject
Complimenter: "You really made me smile this morning"
You: "Well, I'd had the morning from hell. The cat was sick on the dog and the kids nearly blew the house up"

3. Laughed it off
Complimenter: "You know, you have really beautiful eyes"
You: "Really?! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ha ha.  Ha"

4. Played it down
Complimenter: "I love that top, it really suits you"
You: "Oh this? It was only £5 in Primark!"

Sound familiar?

You know you've done it.

We all have.

But today, it stops!

Today we turn a new page and begin a new chapter towards feeling better and more confident. And big results always start with very little steps. This is just one of those steps.

Now, I know I am going to make this sound really easy. And I honestly know it isn't, but neither is it that hard when you really think about it.

So the next time you receive a compliment, whether it's online or face-to-face and whether it's someone you know or a stranger, I want you to simply listen to the compliment, take a deep breath, and just say... Thank You.

Two little words. Really rather simple. But not usually the first thing that comes out of our mouths in these situations. But receiving a compliment should never be anything other than a lovely experience. It's not an awkward inconvenience, it's an actual gift. That person has seen or felt something so good about you that they feel compelled to share it. They are literally giving you a gift.

So imagine that those words are wrapped up in beautiful sparkling paper, and that the complimenter is handing you a gift. You wouldn't dream of taking a present out of someone's hand without saying Thank You now would you?

So why do it with a compliment? It makes no sense when you think about it does it?

Let this be a little challenge to you. No matter what person or what context, next time you receive a compliment, just say thank you.

And don't forget to let me know how you get on! It'll make you feel great I promise! And keep practising...

Don't forget to follow me on Snapchat for more daily motivation and tips! My username is emmab82

Until next time, stay beautiful!

Em xx

Friday, 29 April 2016

What I've been loving this month - April

Love, love, love; love is all you need.

I love LOTS of things. Lots and lots.

But what have I been particularly loving during the month of... April?

Let's have a look...

1) Moschino Teddy Bear Perfume

Yeh, I know. It's not new, it's a few seasons old but I don't care! My gorgeous Simon bought me this as part of my birthday present and I absolutely ADORE it! I do love a bit of Moschino anyway, so when I opened it and saw this adorable teddy bear along with a Moschino logo; I was over the moon with my new little friend. It took me a few minutes to actually realise that he was more than just a teddy, and that he actually had a gorgeous bottle of perfume hidden inside!

And it's not just any perfume, it'a gorgeous fresh and lively scent that I absolutely adore. So if I waft past you anytime soon and you like what you smell - it's my little mate Ted (aka Moschino Toy) :)

2. Kombucha

It's a big thanks to the wonderful Vicky of Freedom Organics in Darwen for introducing me to the wonders of Kombucha. It's called "The Living Tea" and it's a fermented infusion of green tea with living probiotic cultures. It's such an amazing fresh and tangy drink with natural fermented fizz and I love the taste! There are various flavours available; my personal favourite being the Raspberry and Elderflower. It's made in the valleys of Hebden Bridge by Equinox and as I say I get my fix through Freedom Organics.

Following my cellulitis and subsequent septicemia last year, I am on a dose of antibiotics for 12 months. Not only has this meant no alcohol (I REALLY miss wine) but it's also played havoc with my immune system and digestion so having a regular probiotic really really helps. SOOO much nicer than those gross Yakult things. Barf.

3. Gary Barlow Tribute Acts!

A couple of weeks ago, some of the girls and I decided (on a whim) to go see a Gary Barlow tribute act at Mangiamos Italian Restaurant in Darwen. I mean, if you know me, you know I'm a humongous Take That fan so I wasn't actually dreading it as much as some of the other girls were but I DID legit think that he would be very cheesy and very cringe. But we actually had a BRILLIANT time and it was so so nice to really let my hair down, have a good old boogie and a giggle (as well as some super yummy food!)

The tribute artist was Tristan Parrock and I can honestly say he was fantastic! Super handsome, a great singer and naturally charismatic. If that wasn't enough, he even did the Pray dance routine (squee) tongue-in-cheek of course... You can find out where he is performing on his FB page and website and I think we might just have to go back and see him at Mangiamos in December!

4. Snapchat

I can honestly say, I have been bowled over by how many amazing, inspiring and truly entertaining women I have had the pleasure of discovering over the last few weeks. Before this month, Snapchat was just one of those apps that sat on my phone nor doing very much. I would check it intermittently and see a few updates from friends and would occasionally post the odd selfie but that was about it! It wasn't until I started to see a few friends doing 'shout outs' for fellow bloggers to follow; that my interest was peaked and I began to follow more and more people. Suddenly this whole new world of amazing vlogs was opened up to me and I started to make fantastic connections with people!

I am now more than a little bit obsessed, and if I miss anyone's 'story' (snaps are only live for 24hrs) then I am absolutely gutted! I am watching little slices of lots of different lives every day and I'm also getting involved myself! It's a brilliant little community and has almost taken over as my favourite type of social media!

I will be doing a more in-depth blog post soon with my absolute favourite Snapchatters that you NEED to go and follow but for now here are a few of my faves...

Sera (@seraemily) who is just a constant source of inspiration to me and has just the most perfect sense of style. Love her lots.
Karen (@blissbakery) it's not that often that someone you see on the internet leaves you feeling like you really know them, yet want to know so much more. That's Karen. She is so warm, kind, supportive and positive. As well as being a fellow foodie. Big love.
Kim (@sosodempo) I mean, this woman is just bloody hilarious! She talks to the camera like we are all her best mates and she always always always makes me smile. Super dooper love.
Katy (@ktktoo) Katy Kay is just my little bundle of happiness. She is absolutely gorgeous, kind, loving and super funny! I feel like I've known her for years! Mega love.

Ooooh BTW, if you want to follow me, my handle is @emmab82 and I would love to hear from you so come and say hello!

5. W7 Makeup

I love, love, love makeup. That's no big news. I hoard it, and I will spend anything from the sublime to the ridiculous on it. But I also am also happy to try ANY new brands (new to me at least) at a while ago I stumbled upon W7. They are a fantastic budget brand and do some amazing dupes of Benefit and a few other big brands. I have fallen so much in love with their products, that we are now stocking a range of them at My Vintage!

I've been crushing over their Genius Feather Light Liquid Foundation, which gives the medium to high level of coverage I crave, and a matte finish without getting crusty or flaky on my dry skin. And at £4.99 I am just so thrilled that I have found it!

I've also been LOVING their highlight and illuminate liquid, which is a dupe of Benefit's High Beam. This was me trying to capture the subtle yet impressive effect (combined with the foundation mentioned above) and I really love how my skin looks so clear, fresh and bright...

As I say, we are selling a range of this at the shop, but that's not why I am telling you this - I just LOVE to spread the word about amazing products I love and will always be honest with you about my reviews :)

So that's about it for April's loves! I hope you've enjoyed having a read - I would love to hear from you if you love any of these love of mine!

Hope to see you on Snapchat too!

Bye for now!

Friday, 25 March 2016

A New Direction!

As many of you know, this blog has been with me for quite some time now but it's never really gained any momentum as I have flitted from talking My Vintage to talking about me and back again several times!

I really enjoy writing and I also enjoy sharing my varied interests with you all. I don't always want to talk shop and I know you don't always want to read about it either so I have decided that from here on in I am going to take the blog in a more personal direction. I hope that good news?!

There are thousands of amazing bloggers out there who write about fashion, makeup, hair and plus size stuff but hopefully my mix of all these things combined with my general sense of humour and fun, will be a good old read!

There will be plenty of this...

A bit of this...

No doubt some of this...

And maybe just a bit of this too... (he is so cute it kills me)

I've been asked by lots of you on Facebook and Instagram for makeup and hair tutorials so I will endeavour to bring you this too!

My other real passion is bringing self confidence to other women and spreading the word about body positivity so I will also be blogging about this and giving you hints and tips to help you boost your self confidence whenever you need to!

I want this blog to be a fun and fulfilling hobby and I hope you can join me on this journey and get to know me a little better.

Don't forget to also add me on the following for real time updates to boot...
Instagram: emmamyvintage
Snapchat: emmab82

And as always, your comments, likes and shares mean so much so thank you in advance!

See you soon my lovelies.
Em xx