Friday, 7 December 2012

Do you know a man who has everything?

I think most of us know the man who seems to have everything. Whether it's Dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, son, uncle or maybe even boss - there is bound to be a question mark on the gift list for one man this year.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of stylish, high quality and affordable vintage gift ideas for that special (aka awkward!) man in your life...

Vintage 1940s Mens Grooming Set in Leather Case - £34.00

Mens Designer Vintage Hugo Boss Blue, Green & Pink Diagonal Stripe Tie - £22.00

Mens Vintage 70s Grey/Green Mix Waistcoat Size Small/Medium - £20.00

Mens Vintage Retro The Who Rock T-Shirt Size XXL - £18.00

Vintage 1970s Sparklets Hostmaster Electric Blue Soda Syphon - £44.00

Men's Vintage Inspired Retro Fairisle Santa Christmas Jumper - £25.00

Officially Licensed Retro Ferris Bueller Canvas Art 80x60cm - £30.00

Officially Licensed Retro Thundercats Canvas Art 30x30cm - £15.00

Dastardly & Mutley Retro Wallet - £8.00

Mens Vintage 1970s Jungle/Tiger Print Shirt Size Large - £28.00

No matter what age or style of the lucky recipient, there is bound to be something just right amongst this varied list of vintage and retro goodies from

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Over and out
MV x