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Vintage Clothing – Our Top 5 Celebrity Vintage Idols!

Vintage Clothing – Our Top 5 Celebrity Vintage Idols!

We've compiled this top five selection of some of the most renowned vintage clothing lovers in the public eye. Love them or loathe them, they are all united in their love of gorgeous and original vintage clothing and that can never be a bad thing...

  1. Alexa Chung is probably one of the most renowned vintage clothing wearing celebrities, with her tall, slender boyish frame she is perfect for the high fashion indie look. She has that rare ability to look a million dollars even in the most basic items of vintage clothing. She is often pictured wearing an old eighties vintage cardigan and a pair of scuffed leather vintage brogues or with a mid length pleated vintage skirt and a ruffled lace vintage blouse. She is also the queen of vintage accessories, whether it be vintage scarves, vintage handbags, vintage belts, vintage jewellery or vintage hats. With tousled bed hair and a slick of black eye-liner, she epitomises old school indie quirkiness.

  1. Florence Welch is a bohemian dream, and was clearly born to wear vintage clothing. One look at her and you just want to drift around in fields all day in vintage dresses, surrounded by flowers and trees. She wears vintage clothing in two very different ways. Her first look tends to be very Boy George – with baggy graphic vintage tees and silk blouses tucked into little vintage shorts and trousers with an eclectic selection of vintage hats. Her second look is most definitely her most famous, the ethereal and angelic chiffon vintage dresses give her a Kate Bush vibe in a totally hippy chic way. Combined with her bright red hair and soul shuddering vocals, Florence is a real icon of recent years with an amazing collection of vintage clothing!

  1. Another dedicated follower of vintage clothing is the gorgeous Chloe Sevigny, who radiates her love of clothing, style and vintage fashion. Chloe is quirky and kooky but always looks totally impeccable, whether she's wearing a little lace 1960's vintage shift dress or a bright chiffon 1970s vintage jumpsuit. She is also great at mixing a variety of vintage accessories and vintage jewellery and can look super sexy in shorts, socks and sandals – not an easy feat! She is also super-frugal, explaining in various interviews that she prefers to buy lots of vintage clothing rather than spending money on one designer piece. She also says that she her thriftiness is owed to her childhood, when she learnt the art of buying vintage clothing on the cheap!

  1. For real kitsch statement styling, Paloma Faith is the one to watch. With her rockabilly style, she is the picture of old school Hollywood glamour and classic vintage clothing. Paloma is not afraid of colour, and also likes to mix bold vintage prints like animal skins and tropical florals. She also has a fascination with vintage hats and fascinators, and is rarely seen without headwear. Her vintage clothing tends to be tight fitting and fifties themed, with halternecks, wiggle skirts and cinched waists. She teams her vintage clothing with victory rolls and ruby lips for classic pin up chic!

  1. Arguably, the queen of vintage clothing is the remarkable and awe inspiring Dita von Tease. She lives and breaths old school glamour and her burlesque performances have been rated some of the best in the world... There is no denying that the woman has the ridiculously small waist that years of (potentially dangerous) corsetry has created, so she clearly fits the silhouette perfectly for 1940s and 1940s vintage clothing. Rarely seen in anything loose or baggy, Dita wears the tailored and fitted vintage clothing that her figure deserves. Whether it be a polka dot vintage tea dress or a houndstooth vintage Dior suit, one thing she always does is appear perfect from head to toe, with not a hair out of place. She has the fairytale look akin to Snow White, with ghostly white skin, deep black hair and ruby red lips – with or without a giant Martini glass, she looks amazing! Ms Von Tease we salute you!

So there we have it, our homage to the vintage lovers of the celebrity world. If we've missed any of your favourites then don't forget to leave a comment with your own mini-guide to your favourite's vintage style!

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