Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Frank Usher Designer Vintage Clothing Profile

In 1944 Frank Usher was started up during wartime austerity and rationing. It was at a time that all manufacturers needed textile trading coupons to operate. So armed with both coupons and a ready made name of Frank Usher the company was formed.

A first collection of tailor made dresses was produced and sold to a London department store. Success followed quickly as women loved the idea of buying a couture look at realistic prices - especially since Christian Dior had introduced his new look.

Frank Usher opened their first west end showrooms in the mid fifties and started to create a solid UK and international business. The press too got the Frank Usher bug, and Vogue featured many dresses modelled by such luminaries of the day such as actress Kay Kendall and top model Barbara Goalen.

During the sixties and seventies when swinging London was at its peak, the label was going from success to success. There is a film, made in the late sixties, called Blazes Away it usually comes round on the BBC at Christmas time and stars dame Maggie Smith. It is set in a couture boutique and Frank Usher designed the wardrobe for the entire film - its always wonderful to see the beautiful styles of that era.

Vintage Frank Usher is always being featured in the press, and a recent article on Liberty's vintage department cited Frank Usher as being one of the most coveted collector's labels.

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