Sunday, 10 February 2013

A stylish nod to Hitchcock...

With Hitchcock hitting our screens again and the huge influence of 1960s fashions once again flooding Fashion Week, we look at some iconic looks from My Vintage...

These vintage pieces are guaranteed to keep you bang on trend whilst paying homage to some of Hitchcock's great women like Kim Novak, Janet Leigh and Tippi Hedren. We're talking car coats, super suits, striking shifts, perfect pencil skirts, gloves, stoles and a lot of eyebrow. Scary birds and serial killers with dead mothers are optional...

We love this 1960's vintage coat from Bickler in a rich beige and cream stripe.

A brilliant vintage shift dress in pistachio green. The delicate sequins give it a cute edge too.

A fabulous 60s shift dress and jacket in a regal shade of royal blue - fabulous!

Another great two-piece, this vintage dress and jacket is in an uber 60s psychedelic fabric that we love!

Another great vintage coat, this duffle style car coat is one of our favourites from the current stock...

As separates go, this 1960s vintage top in green lace is divine and very elegant...

Finally, this amazing late 1950s vintage dress looks like it's straight from a Hitchcock movie. It's truly stunning...

We hope you like our Hitchcockian round up.. whats you favourite piece?



  1. Definitely the blue suit. I love the Hitchcock films, and I can't wait to go and see Hitchcock at the pictures, but weren't his leading ladies a stylish bunch?

    1. Oh gosh they really were, just so slick and chic, very entrancing... x

  2. I love the green shift dress...and Hitchcock.


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