Saturday, 11 January 2014

Dotty for Dots!

Without a doubt, one of the most popular prints at My Vintage is polka dots. Whether on dresses, scarves, handbags, skirts, tops, jewellery or even crockery – we've got it all and our customers love it!

The polka dot pattern is thought to have been named as such during the huge popularity of the polka dance and music that started in the 1840s. The marketing experts of the time made sure to cash in on this craze by adding the “polka” label to anything and everything they could. This included polka hats, polka curtains, polka puddings, polka shoes and polka vests. Whilst most of these have since died out, the polka dot is still very much here to stay.

But it wasn't until the 20th Century that polka dots made a permanent stamp in fashion. In 1928 the wonderful Minnie Mouse was born at Walt Disney Studios, complete with her polka dot skirt. During the 1940's and 1950's polka dots became even more glamorous and desirable when the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor wore them regularly. The final seal of approval for the humble spots was when they were used by both Christian Dior and Coco Chanel in some of their iconic designs.

Here are some of my current favourite polka dot pretties from our massive range...

Made by Miss Marilyn of Dallas in the sixties, this kitsch polka dot dress has just the right amount of mod appeal. High collared neck and fixed waistband with four red buttons. Long sleeves and pin-tuck top skirt with Navy trim. Unusual zip front design. Slight stretch silky fabric fits snugly for the sixties chic look. Just add big hair and you're ready to go!

Add a little bit of pin up charm to your smart outfit with this polka dot flock skirt! This high waisted pencil skirt that is both flattering and smart. It features a waistband and two darts on the front panel for an ultra-flattering fit.

Our superb range of handmade vintage inspired headscarves are perfect to complete any vintage outfit or add a splash of retro to your everyday wardrobe. Hand crafted in the UK, these headscarves are long cotton double sided bands with tapered ends for the perfect finish. One plain side and one patterned side so you can wear them in many different ways. Simply tie round your head when your hair is up or down for pin-up perfection.

Absolutely perfect for lindy hopping and swirling around, team with a petticoat for the perfect 1950s look!  Cute little decorative bows on the waistline and adjustable detatchable braces.

Susan Small was a highly respected designer for a number of decades, this forties piece is one of her earlier designs and is just stunning to look at and to wear. A rich coffee and cream polka dot slinky material with nautical style sailor collar and cropped sleeves. Buttoned front and bow, nipped waist and matching belt included. Hangs beautifully on the body and is great for any skin tone or hair colour.


Super cute prom dress from Laura Ashley, perfect for any party. This dress was originally longer with shoulder straps, but was customised before it arrived with us. Black dress with cream polka dots makes this kitsch little dress a real winner. Non stretch cotton material, sweetheart neckline and back zip fastening. 


Whether it's a delicate headscarf, pair of earrings, pair of killer heels or a full dazzling dress, you definitely need polka dots in your wardrobe! We always have lots in stock so come and see us or visit the website to browse the virtual rails

I'd love you to show me your favourite vintage polka dot pieces... let me know in the comments below or post to Twitter, Facebook or Google+

Em xx


  1. Emma, I absolutely need a work wardrobe, do you think we can make Ginger a pin-up perfect capsule wardrobe?

  2. We TOTALLY can! Come and see me soon ;) xxx


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