Friday, 20 June 2014

Rocking Vintage Clothing – Rockabilly Rules and Breaking Them

#Rockabilly is among the hottest of the hot vintage clothing styles out there. The trend takes its ethos from the rebel rock idols of the 1950s, and expresses itself in a variety of 50s dresses, cat-eye glasses, flashy-trashy hair and body art. Rocking a vintage fashion style like rockabilly is about more than picking up a few 1950s dresses and throwing them on. There’s a whole ethos that goes along with the rockabilly look – call them Rockabilly Rules – and understanding the different ways to wear the style can help you create an authentic vintage fashion look that’s yours and yours alone.

The Clothes

Rockabilly goddess @ReeReeRockette is a well-known fashion blogger posting at Rockalily. As proprietor of Rockalily Cuts, a his & hers salon, ReeRee totally gets what makes the Rockabilly look rock. When she posts about what rockabilly girls wear, you know she’s speaking from a place you can trust. ReeRee’s first rule of Rockabilly Retro fashion is to pick and mix from the Rockabilly rules. After all, that’s the only way you’ll end up with your own style.

50s Dresses – Styles that rock: Sarong dresses, halter-necked dresses, swing skirts and pencil skirts
Pants/Trousers –The look is slim, so go for cigarette pants, crop trousers and pencil slim silhouettes.
Rockabilly Prints – Prints make a statement. Look for 50s dresses and skirts splashed with polka dots or styled with leopard prints. You get bonus points if you can find vintage clothing printed with cherries, cute little anchors, bows or jaunty little skulls.
The Colors - The classic rockabilly colors are red, black, blue and white, but you might see some fab retro fashion finds in bright pink, turquoise or dark green.

The Accessories

The clothes are just the start. If you really want to rock the rockabilly vintage style, you’ve got to accessorize it right. That means:

Glasses: if you wear them, opt for vintage styles, especially cat-eye glasses with little rhinestone chips at the winged brow
Jewelry: Cheap and cheerful Bakelite pieces are the ultimate accessories for 50s dresses and skirts. Look for cherry dangle earrings, bright square pendants and flashy bangles or charm bracelets.
Hair: 50s vintage hair was meant to be accessorized. The classic beehives, rolls and updos just scream to be adorned with a bow or bandanna. Not sure how to tie one? Learn how with this great vintage fashion tutorial from +PinUpPassion.

Whether you decide to follow the rules or not, remember that the most important part of wearing vintage clothing rockabilly style is to have fun doing it, so just rock on with your bad self and have fun.

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