Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Defeating Trolls and Effing Beauty Standards!

Well it's been another rather eventful week in the world of me and My Vintage!

As many of you already know, as part of our positivity and confidence movement, we have introduced Feel Good Fridays, where we encourage other women to wear something that they might not normally be brave enough to and to get those selfies rolling, hashtag #feelgoodfriday of course...

Last Friday, I decided upon a rather pretty Primark kimono jacket that I was gifted for Christmas but hadn't worn yet. I'd been avoiding it as it's a pale colour (that I'm not always comfortable with) and being a little bit sheer, it shows some of my upper arms, which is a huge issue for me. I put together this cute little outfit and I felt absolutely great, as well as getting SO many compliments...

I was thoroughly loving all the compliments I was getting (who wouldn't?!) and it was lovely to hear that people liked my outfit.

So there I was having a lunchtime scroll through my Instagram feed and I see this...

No, I think to myself, that must be a typo. She surely isn't being THAT rude? So I ask...

And sure enough...

So now I'm thinking - OK, not only do we have a troll in our midst, but she is now being a little confrontational! However, I tried to remain as calm and professional as possible and here was my (not at all sarcastic) retort...

And so the "conversation" continued...

Back tracking, much?! And just when you thought I couldn't get any more condescending...

Now there were MANY other comments made as my friends and followers began to get onboard and say their piece! I was happy for them to say whatever they wanted and if you do want to read everything that was said then please do hop onto my Instagram feed and have a nosey! But please note there is some very colourful language!

Needless to say, the troll retreated back into her cave without further notice and the whole episode really did give us an afternoon of laughs. But let's be serious here - does my posting of a photograph on Instagram actually give anyone the right to insult me? I think not.

If this had happened a year ago I would have laughed it off in public, got home and had a good cry, deleted the photograph from every possible location and never ever worn that outfit again. But I genuinely didn't feel any of those negative feelings. And to be honest, that gave me a real boost as I realised that I really had come so far on my journey to loving and appreciating my body and being at peace with myself. So I guess she kinda did me a favour!

The incident also drew in many comments from my friends on Facebook, which was lovely and supportive. I honestly didn't feel like I needed reassurance but it was nice to know that friends cared enough to speak up. It was on of these friends who contacted me and suggested we do a really fun tongue-in-cheek photoshoot the next day. Andy is a great amateur photographer and also someone I trust and feel comfortable with so I jumped at the chance.

The idea was just to reinforce the whole Feel It Wear It Own It philosophy and the message behind Eff Your Beauty Standards, whilst also (literally) sticking a finger to the aforementioned troll and any that may follow her!

Here are some of my favourite shots...

I think between Andy, Lucy and myself we really did get our message across and we also had an amazing laugh!

Troll defeated. Beauty standards effed! I think we reign victorious don't you?



  1. I am sooo god damned fit in these photos. I cannot cope with the amount of awesomeness we've brought to this post.

  2. Seriously, if people can't say something nice...

    what is wrong with people? Fat, thin, tall, short, we are all human beings with FEELINGS, people need to learn to respect eachother. Xx

  3. Yay it is so awesome that in fact the little troll only in fact made you realise how far you have come on your confidence journey that alone is a mega win x

  4. Well handled sweetheart.

    What the hell is wrong with people??

  5. I am in LOVE with the donut pics :D

  6. go girl! you can look good at any size!


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