Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Peplum - Modern Trend or Old School Style?

You'd be forgiven for thinking that peplum dresses, skirts, and tops were a new trend, springing up in high street collections over the last few years. But like many current trends, the peplum frill is actually a lot older than you think and features quite heavily in vintage fashion...

Originating in Ancient Greece, the peplum was originally worn by both men and women. Greeks wore lose fitting peplums, like short skirts, tied over their tunics and made from wool.

Fast forward to the Renaissance and once again peplums were reinvented , only this time round they were more structured and extended from the hips, in contrast to the draping style adopted by the Greeks. They were still worn by both genders.

The peplum as we know it in 2015, stems from the 1940’s. Ladies would wear both tops and dresses that featured peplums. This shape and style was popular as it created a nipped in waist and more curvy hips. This gave the wearer that coveted hourglass figure that we all still aspire to today.

Having been off the radar during the androgynous 60s and the hippy 70s, a brand new peplum became on trend fashion again in the 1980s. It was the decade of excess of course, and peplums would often have many layers, fold or pleats for even MORE fun! More variations were seen, including some dresses where the seam at the waist would taper down to a V, contrasting to the traditional straight across waist of the 1940’s peplum

Like many trends, this disappeared and and went through another re-branding and renovation in 2012 and there are many ways to wear a modern or a vintage peplum today.
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