Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends 2009 - Indigo Moods

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The hottest trend for the autumn/winter season ahead simply has to be indigo moods. First and foremost you simply have to invest in some mauves, purples and lilacs for both day and night wear.

Look for purples with glitz, glamour and especially gold highlights for superb vintage evening wear.

But the indigo moods trend does not stop at purple, in fact it has much more depth. Like many of this season's trends, the context is more intense and intelligent that it appears at first glance. Driven by the global economic crisis, tones are muted and understated. And layering is key. Styles are classic and retrospective to promote longevity and value for money. Once again, clothing is an investment, particularly when it is vintage.

The key to this trend is spectrum, particularly greens and blues. Creating a whole outfit in midnight blues or teal greens is so the way to go. But don't be afraid to mix and contrast, purples and greens can look beautiful in floral day wear.

For a gentle introduction to the trend or a stylish add-on, look for accessories in jade greens, navy blues and shimmering mauves. Scarves, beads, hairbands and shoes are a great way to trend on a budget.

To view items from the My Vintage Indigo Moods collection click here

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