Tuesday, 23 November 2010

How to do vintage on trend!

OK so it's pretty obvious that I love fashion, especially vintage, and I have always been a great believer that you can dress vintage and still keep bang on trend.

If any of you aren't aware, I have a "Search by Trend" feature on the website... I keep this regularly updated and you can find it here

Love them or hate them, I am a regular reader of the fashion glossies, and I love exploring what the high street and designers have to offer each season as well as which celebs are wearing what. It was just the other day I was flicking through a copy of Look magazine and I spied a gorgeous dress that was virtually identical to a vintage dress I had just listed on the website. Most fashion designers will take inspiration from the past but you may be surprised just how much of the fashion we see on the shelves is derived from bygone styles. With this in mind, I embarked on a search to find some comparisons that are currently available on www.myvintage.co.uk

Not only does the vintage option often cost less, but you are getting the best of both worlds - dressing bang on trend without the fear of any other girl arriving in the same outfit! And also there is nothing better than that smug feeling we get when someone asks us "Oh wow, where DID you get that?"... "Oh, it's vintage"...

First up we have this fabulous blue drape cocktail dress from the amazing Matthew Williamson...
Matthew Williamson Crepe Drape Dress

A gorgeous shade of blue and love the waist gathering piece - it draws the eye to the waist and creates a gorgeous hourglass figure. But if you fancy something in this style yet totally unique, why not go for this stunning dress from My Vintage ...

Vintage 1970s Dress UK Size 10/12 £75
 So similar! And only a fraction of the £1500 for the designer counterpart! 

Sticking with party frocks, this floral print cocktail dress really caught my eye from the cool and quirky Miss Selfridge...
Floral Cocktail Dress from Miss Selfridge

 Great print, great shape and great colours... But of course, as your vintage fairy godmother, I have found the perfect vintage equivalent from the gorgeous Laura Ashley...
1980s Vintage Laura Ashley Dress UK Size 10 £110
If anything, I think the sweetheart neckline gives this a much sexier and more feminine shape and it certainly gives Miss S a run for their money!

For a Little Black Dress with a difference, this French Connection number is sexy yet still super sophisticated...

French Connection Sheer Panel Dress
But if you're a fabulous size 16 then you could slip into this equally gorgeous 1970s vintage number with high shine crystals...
1970s Dress with Crystals UK Size 16 £48
And finally, as the days are getting colder and we want to wrap up warm, it's great to find some alternative knitwear, a woollen dress is a great way to keep warm and stay stylish.

If you fancy splurging the pounds, this grey cable knitted dress will set you back over £1000 from Pringle of Scotland...

Pringle of Scotland Cable Knit Cashmere Dress
I love the grey colour and the mid length, would be great with a pair of boots and tights. But you can still grab this look for less with this fab 80s woollen piece from us here at My Vintage ...

1980s Vintage Dress UK Size 16 £42
So there we have it, I am sure this theme will run and run! We take new stock in nearly every day so there will be plenty of designer lookalikes for me to blog about!

PS if you like any of these pieces then get online now! They won't hang around for long!

As always, if you have any questions or comments I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. you are so clever Emma! all these alternatives are sooo much better than their contemporary 'equivalents' :) x

  2. This is such a great feature on your blog and gives great 'added value' for anyone browsing the site. Well written, well researched and well good!!!
    Keep up the good work vintage fairy godmother.

    kathryn x


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