Sunday, 2 September 2012

A step back in time...

Yesterday was so much fun here at My Vintage! In the humble town of Darwen it was 1940's day and the market square was the venue for lots of 1940's style music, dancing and performing, all in aid of a local military charity.

We're only a little town and it was quite a low-key affair, but it was simply wonderful to see the authentic 1940's outfits and hear some good old fashioned crooning! I was obviously in the shop all day so I didn't get to see the performances, but we could hear the music and were visited by lots of really lovely people in all their finery!

First things first, I decided I was going to try my first ever 1940's hair and make up look. I am quite pleased how it turned out considering I'd never done it before, and here it is...

However, there were so many gorgeous ladies that popped in to the shop through the day and they really had made such an effort. Here are some of my favourites...

This lady is a regular customer of mine and she got her dress, shoes and hat from My Vintage! You can find original 1940s vintage clothing as well as 1940s style clothing at or by popping into the shop at 2 the Circus, Darwen, BB3 1BT.

Here are a few highlights of the 1940's stock we currently have...

Yes that really is an original 1940's polka dot picnic set - swoon!

So, what do you think of my 1940's style? And aren't my customers gorgeous?! And what is it about the 1940's that you love? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Em x


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