Saturday, 1 September 2012

Could this be the prettiest EVER vintage skirt?

Vintage skirts are always popular, and I think after selling vintage for over 5 years I have pretty much seen them all. From 1950's circle skirts to 1980's gothic lace skirts, and 1940's tailored military skirts to 1970's hippy maxi skirts and absolutely everything in between!

But when I came across this little beauty, there was a definite jaw-touching-floor moment...

Is this not just the prettiest skirt you have ever seen?! Believe it or not it was actually made in the 1980's but it has a much more classic vintage feel. The cream faux silk is adorned with a delicate print of florals, fans and bows in pastel blue, pink and lemon. And it's finished perfectly with delicate pleats and a neat zip and button waist.

Measurements are 28" on the waist and the length so this would fit a UK size 8/10. And at £28 I think one of you might be snaffling it pretty quickly! Did I mention it is in exquisite condition?!

PS you can buy it here, now!

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