Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Dress Can Change Your Life...

For me, a dress is much much more than just an item of clothing. The right dress can make you feel like a totally different person. The right dress can take you from feeling down or broken hearted to feeling like you can take on the world. If you find a dress that's just right, it has the ability to make you smile in a way that no human ever could.

Working with vintage dresses every day really is a dream come true for me. When I am working in the shop I get to make this feeling of pure joy happen for so many different women. Having worked with people and clothes for many years, I have developed a bit of a sixth sense for what will and will not work.

Just yesterday I had a lady in the shop who had gone up a few dress sizes over the years and wasn't feeling very body confident in general. Before we properly talked she tried on a few smock and tunic style frocks and just felt that they highlighted all the wrong places. We got chatting and she told me her story and I could see in her eyes exactly how she felt. She had a lovely size 14 figure with all the right curves but as someone who used to be much smaller, she didn't have confidence in her shape.

I suggested that she try a fitted wiggle dress to really show off her hourglass frame and I showed her a gorgeous red 40s style number. She absolutely loved it but she completely discounted it and said she was far too big to carry it off. With a bit of gentle persuasion she agreed to try the dress on and when she emerged from the fitting room I couldn't help but let out a gasp. It was like looking at a totally different person, this dress not only looked amazing on her but her eyes and smile had completely lit up with happiness! She walked around with such confidence and swagger too. The whole thing was a bit emotional for us both - it was physically obvious how this simple dress had made her feel, like a form of therapy.
She was so grateful for my help and that I had pushed her out of her comfort zone and she left the shop with a gorgeous dress and a real spring in her step. What makes this even better is that I know for sure that when she wears that dress out she will be batting the compliments off with a stick!

This just goes to show the power of the dress - don't ever underestimate it.

If you would like my help finding the perfect dress for you please contact me at or call into the shop at 2 The Circus, Darwen, Lancashire, BB3 1BT.

I look forward to hearing from you...

Em x


  1. Never underestimate the power of a wiggle dress - well done on persuading her to try it on!

  2. I totally get her feeling! and yes the correct dress can change a woman's attitude!
    It was good of you to help the lady!
    So sad I don't live near you :(


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