Friday, 29 April 2016

What I've been loving this month - April

Love, love, love; love is all you need.

I love LOTS of things. Lots and lots.

But what have I been particularly loving during the month of... April?

Let's have a look...

1) Moschino Teddy Bear Perfume

Yeh, I know. It's not new, it's a few seasons old but I don't care! My gorgeous Simon bought me this as part of my birthday present and I absolutely ADORE it! I do love a bit of Moschino anyway, so when I opened it and saw this adorable teddy bear along with a Moschino logo; I was over the moon with my new little friend. It took me a few minutes to actually realise that he was more than just a teddy, and that he actually had a gorgeous bottle of perfume hidden inside!

And it's not just any perfume, it'a gorgeous fresh and lively scent that I absolutely adore. So if I waft past you anytime soon and you like what you smell - it's my little mate Ted (aka Moschino Toy) :)

2. Kombucha

It's a big thanks to the wonderful Vicky of Freedom Organics in Darwen for introducing me to the wonders of Kombucha. It's called "The Living Tea" and it's a fermented infusion of green tea with living probiotic cultures. It's such an amazing fresh and tangy drink with natural fermented fizz and I love the taste! There are various flavours available; my personal favourite being the Raspberry and Elderflower. It's made in the valleys of Hebden Bridge by Equinox and as I say I get my fix through Freedom Organics.

Following my cellulitis and subsequent septicemia last year, I am on a dose of antibiotics for 12 months. Not only has this meant no alcohol (I REALLY miss wine) but it's also played havoc with my immune system and digestion so having a regular probiotic really really helps. SOOO much nicer than those gross Yakult things. Barf.

3. Gary Barlow Tribute Acts!

A couple of weeks ago, some of the girls and I decided (on a whim) to go see a Gary Barlow tribute act at Mangiamos Italian Restaurant in Darwen. I mean, if you know me, you know I'm a humongous Take That fan so I wasn't actually dreading it as much as some of the other girls were but I DID legit think that he would be very cheesy and very cringe. But we actually had a BRILLIANT time and it was so so nice to really let my hair down, have a good old boogie and a giggle (as well as some super yummy food!)

The tribute artist was Tristan Parrock and I can honestly say he was fantastic! Super handsome, a great singer and naturally charismatic. If that wasn't enough, he even did the Pray dance routine (squee) tongue-in-cheek of course... You can find out where he is performing on his FB page and website and I think we might just have to go back and see him at Mangiamos in December!

4. Snapchat

I can honestly say, I have been bowled over by how many amazing, inspiring and truly entertaining women I have had the pleasure of discovering over the last few weeks. Before this month, Snapchat was just one of those apps that sat on my phone nor doing very much. I would check it intermittently and see a few updates from friends and would occasionally post the odd selfie but that was about it! It wasn't until I started to see a few friends doing 'shout outs' for fellow bloggers to follow; that my interest was peaked and I began to follow more and more people. Suddenly this whole new world of amazing vlogs was opened up to me and I started to make fantastic connections with people!

I am now more than a little bit obsessed, and if I miss anyone's 'story' (snaps are only live for 24hrs) then I am absolutely gutted! I am watching little slices of lots of different lives every day and I'm also getting involved myself! It's a brilliant little community and has almost taken over as my favourite type of social media!

I will be doing a more in-depth blog post soon with my absolute favourite Snapchatters that you NEED to go and follow but for now here are a few of my faves...

Sera (@seraemily) who is just a constant source of inspiration to me and has just the most perfect sense of style. Love her lots.
Karen (@blissbakery) it's not that often that someone you see on the internet leaves you feeling like you really know them, yet want to know so much more. That's Karen. She is so warm, kind, supportive and positive. As well as being a fellow foodie. Big love.
Kim (@sosodempo) I mean, this woman is just bloody hilarious! She talks to the camera like we are all her best mates and she always always always makes me smile. Super dooper love.
Katy (@ktktoo) Katy Kay is just my little bundle of happiness. She is absolutely gorgeous, kind, loving and super funny! I feel like I've known her for years! Mega love.

Ooooh BTW, if you want to follow me, my handle is @emmab82 and I would love to hear from you so come and say hello!

5. W7 Makeup

I love, love, love makeup. That's no big news. I hoard it, and I will spend anything from the sublime to the ridiculous on it. But I also am also happy to try ANY new brands (new to me at least) at a while ago I stumbled upon W7. They are a fantastic budget brand and do some amazing dupes of Benefit and a few other big brands. I have fallen so much in love with their products, that we are now stocking a range of them at My Vintage!

I've been crushing over their Genius Feather Light Liquid Foundation, which gives the medium to high level of coverage I crave, and a matte finish without getting crusty or flaky on my dry skin. And at £4.99 I am just so thrilled that I have found it!

I've also been LOVING their highlight and illuminate liquid, which is a dupe of Benefit's High Beam. This was me trying to capture the subtle yet impressive effect (combined with the foundation mentioned above) and I really love how my skin looks so clear, fresh and bright...

As I say, we are selling a range of this at the shop, but that's not why I am telling you this - I just LOVE to spread the word about amazing products I love and will always be honest with you about my reviews :)

So that's about it for April's loves! I hope you've enjoyed having a read - I would love to hear from you if you love any of these love of mine!

Hope to see you on Snapchat too!

Bye for now!

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  1. Aw Emma, thank you so much! What an honor to be included in this list of fav snapchatters! It is such a fab family isn't it? Katy and Kim were two of my Sunday Spotlight Snap Sistas and Sera is so dear to me. I'm very grateful you're watching and I think I need to do a Foodie Fieldtrip Friday out your way! xoxo Karen (


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