Thursday, 8 September 2016

A Party Dress with a Difference

It's no secret how much I love Simply Be. For me, they are the brand who have really taken plus size fashion into a whole new dimension of gorgeous.

Not only do their designs absolutely excite me, but I've always found the fit and quality of their garments to be absolutely spot on.

So when I was recently approaching the My Vintage 4th birthday party, I new exactly where I was heading to shop for party dresses!

I am quite picky when it comes to dresses, as I know what suits my shape and being nearly 5ft10, I always need to be wary of length. As you know, I do tend to wear a lot of my swing and skater style dresses with tights or leggings, which is pretty much my signature look. But this time, I really wanted to find something that but different and step out of my comfort zone a little..

When I saw this deep blue maxi dress I fell in love. It was the combination of colour, crinkle fabric and neckline that I loved, as well as the awesome dropped sleeves!

At the bargain price of £45 this was an amazing buy! The cut and quality are amazing and I got so many compliments on the night!

I wore some tan dolly shoes with pointed gold toes, but this would be lovely with some gladiator sandals for holiday evenings...

Hats off to you Simply Be, you saved the day once again!

Until next time
Em xx

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