Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A very honest new direction...

So I've been staring at the UNTITLED POST on the screen for a little while now, toying with several ideas of what to blog about today. But my mind kept going off on tangents. Mainly tangents about myself to be honest. And not in a conceited way, just that recently I have been through a lot of ups and downs of the last few months and to put it simply, I kinda lost my mojo...

I'm pretty sure that most of you reading this can relate to what I'm talking about. Between hormones, work, families, finances and all the other stresses that modern life bring, it's no surprise that we have wobbles here and there. And today something just clicked and I realised that it's OK to share with you when there are wobbles and you know what? It's OK to be positive about my size too.

I'm a plus size girl, always have been and probably always will be. I've spent far too long shying away from that and sticking my head in the sand. Full length photos are almost non existent of me but that is no more! If my idol, Tess Munster, has taught me anything its that fat is no longer a bad word and you really can #effyourbeautystandards

I want to be a bit healthier, not just for physical reasons but also because I feel that better health and wellbeing will be better my mental health, which has got to be a good thing. But I am not, nor will I ever be, on a diet. Any health benefits I find along my way will also be included in the blog, as well as lots of my general anecdotes!

Now, don't get me wrong, I will still be talking about vintage, the shop, the website and of course lots of fashion, but there will be a much more personal and varied feel to my blog from here on in... And I really hope it's something you want to read :)

And to kick things off, here are some of those full length shots that I usually don't want anyone to see!

That wasn't so scary after all!

I'd love to get some feedback from you all - if you think this is a good direction for the blog or even if there are some specific topics you'd like me to talk more about then please do let me know. You can comment here or get hold of me via Facebook or Twitter and of course my email is emma@myvintage.co.uk

Thanks for reading
Em x


  1. Emma, I don't want to ever hear again that you have lost your Mojo... You have no idea how awesome you are girl... You have got it all going on... You are fabulous and you look fabulous xx

  2. I'm glad you've decided to share the full length shots, you look gorgeous, and I think the new direction is a really good idea. I look forward to reading along.

    MoG x

  3. Lovely read Emma! Your fab x

  4. As a plus size girl myself, I can honestly say that you have been instrumental in giving me back my body confidence. Not just by stocking the beautiful dresses that I now own, but by giving me honest feedback about how things have looked when trying them on. Not just selling me anything to make money. What else can I say, other than Thank you, from the heart of my very large bottom! And from the bottom of my heart. Xxx

  5. Hi Emma :) So happy that you are posting pics of yourself! Doing it more and more really does give you confidence and it pays off! I just checked out your shop, you have some amazing clothes and you are only a stones throw away from me too!

  6. I think we've all gone through that feeling before, but sometimes writing things down and seeing the words in front of you can help with just getting it all out of your system. This will be a good step for you :)


  7. You're gorgeous. More pics please! :) xx


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