Sunday, 5 April 2015

I choose confidence. I choose happiness.

Wow, what an amazing week I've had!

There are various factors that have brought me to my current state of mind. It's been a tough few months (at least) with health problems and most importantly with mental health issues. No, I'm not scared or embarrassed to say that I battle with depression and anxiety. It's important at this point to mention that I just typed 'struggle' instead of 'battle' but I went back and edited it because I am not prepared to struggle any longer. It's very much a battle as some days those grey (or black) clouds will make their way over my head but I'm armed and ready for them and I WILL WIN!

Because I no longer choose self pity. I no longer choose procrastination. I no longer choose self loathing. I choose confidence. I choose happiness...

There is only one way to be happy and it's taken me 33 years to realise this. The only thing that can make you happy is yourself... Not your partner, your children, your friends, your clothes, your food. Just yourself. And once you choose happiness, there really is no looking back. The best bit is that all the aforementioned things fall into place once you choose to be happy.

I have an amazing partner, a wonderful loving son, the most precious family and incredible friends. And they all want the same thing - my happiness. So if I choose happy then guess what? They're immediately happier and closer to me.

So as part of my new love for myself (nearly wrote self love then but that's a whole different thing ha!) I am embracing the full length photos of myself and posting them on a daily basis! When I FEEL good I LOOK even better and that's why I've been getting so much love for these pics. I'm really, really proud of them. And I'm proud of myself too...

Here's a few from this week...

On Thursday (with a little help from Lucy) I wore this amazing Banned floral 50s style dress from the selection at My Vintage. We still have a few 18's, 20's and 22's left online and here is the link for more info or to buy...

Friday was Good Friday, and through various conversations we decided to rename this as Feel Good Friday. The idea was to wear an outfit that for some reason you do not normally have the confidence to wear. I pulled out a t-shirt that I bought from Simply Be last year that still had the tags on! I'd never worn it but always wanted to. It's white and every so slightly see-through as well as being short. All the things I would normally avoid. But I summoned bravery and teamed with with a Simply Be pleather mini skirt and a cute fluffy 90s-esque shrug from Yours and here was the result...

I cannot tell you how many times I NEARLY wore this outfit last year. But that stupid self doubt kept creeping in. But after putting the work in and really changing my outlook, I felt absolutely amazing all day! It's no surprise that the compliments came rolling in as a good 80% of how we look comes from how we feel...

There really was not stopping me now, and Saturday saw me digging out a lovely Primark kimono jacket that I'd never worn! It was a gift for my birthday last year but I'd always avoided wearing it as I thought the colours were too pale for me and that it might show my upper arms! Those thoughts seem so silly now. I wore it and LOVED it!

This will definitely be making more appearances - I am also on the look out for some gorgeous orange sandals or flats to go with it. If you see any in a wide 8 or 9 please do link me up!

I will be bringing you weekly outfit posts from now on, I really can't wait to get stuck into my wardrobe and start WEARING everything! After all, that's what they're for!

I'm off to pick out something gorgeous to wear tomorrow!

And remember - you CAN choose happiness. So do it...

Over and out
Em xx


  1. I totally understand about the anxiety and depression, I have suffered with it multiple times in my life. I am happy to say they are no longer my constant companions and life is much better. I am also on the tricky path of trying to love and accept myself for who I am and I think your attitude is brilliant, you've done so well! I have tonnes of clothes in my drawers that I have never worn, I am going to dig some out tomorrow. I am going to be on holiday in Lancashire this August and I am hoping to visit your store at some point, you have some wonderful things.

    1. Thank you so much. I am so glad that you could relate to the blog post. Get yourself a fab outfit for tomorrow and make yourself feel amazing xxx

  2. I hear you on depression it can be a constant struggle! You look gorge in your pics too x

    1. Thanks Kitty Kaos. It's very hard but at last I know I can do it and suddenly it's not as scary :) xx


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